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The future of ideas4writers

From 1 August 2006 ideas4writers will relaunch as a book publishing company.

The ideas4writers website will no longer be updated from that date and the eZine will end. We will not be adding any further ideas or 'what ifs'.

However, all existing content will remain online, including the ideas (over 5,000), what ifs (approx 3,000), writing engines, archives, articles and forums. We hope that the membership will continue to grow and thrive and the forums will provide a lively and useful community for writers.

Members will continue to receive additional benefits including product discounts, writing/computing questions answered free of charge, and occasional articles and other useful information.

If you are already a member and your membership was due to expire on or after 1 August 2006 then you will automatically receive free lifetime membership. You do not need to pay anything more. Your membership will not expire. We will contact you about this in August.

If you are not a member then this is your last opportunity to join ideas4writers by making a payment. From 1 August we will no longer be charging or accepting membership fees. The only way to join ideas4writers (or renew your membership) from that date will be by sending in a voucher from The Fastest Way to Write Your Book or any other books we publish in the future.

We are backdating the free lifetime membership offer to include everyone who has already sent in a voucher - if you have already returned your "three months free" voucher please contact us to have your membership extended or reinstated free of charge.

If you already have the book but haven't returned your voucher yet, fill it in and send it back now to receive your free lifetime membership. You'll find your voucher at the back of the book on page 241.

If you haven't bought the book, we advise you to join now by paying just £4.99 (4.99 for lifetime membership. Or buy a copy of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book for just £12.99 (12.99 GBP) and return the voucher for free lifetime membership.

Remember: we will not accept any membership fees after midnight on 31 July 2006. This is your last chance to join ideas4writers without a voucher.

Why are we doing this? The website in its current form is not profitable enough to justify the considerable amount of work that goes into keeping it updated. By removing the need for us to work on the website and keep coming up with new ideas we'll be able to concentrate on expanding our range of books and adding new services.

If you have any questions we'll be pleased to answer them.
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Dave and Kate

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